The Fall Out Boy’s Crazy “Uma Thurman” Video Goes After Same-Sex Marriage Ban And Crushes It – Video

fall out boys UMA


The Fall Out Boy musicians get crazy and political in their new music video “Uma Thurman.”

The music video, released on Friday on YouTube, is the hijinks that ensure when a girl, Sarah, wins a contest to become an assistant to the band.  But besidesserving the guys food and coffee, she gets to walk a zebra, play paintball, use a weird indoor skydiving machine, ride in a dune buggy and on a mechanical bull and decorate lead singer Patrick Stump with live bunnies while riff’s from The Munsters theme song play in the background.

The video makes a strong statement at the end: Sarah is tasked with painting the word “Uma”  in red paint on a tank bearing two American flags, riding it and literally steamrolling a pickup truck bearings the words “Article 1, Section 36.03,” which is from Alabama’s constitution and bars same-sex marriage licenses from being issued in the state.

Go Boys Go!


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