FRC Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins’ Gotta Crow Over Missisippi’s Indefinite Extension Stay On Gay Marriages

“Not everyone is taking the courts’ stampede to same-sex ‘marriage’ sitting down. In Mississippi, leaders won a moral victory from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals — which put the redefinition of marriage on ice, at least temporarily. Judges said they want to avoid the ‘extreme confusion, uncertainty, and chaos’ that is wreaking havoc on states like Utah, where couples can “marry” while litigation is ongoing. Unlike other states, where irresponsible judges have given the green light to gay licenses, the federal appeals court froze the lower court’s ruling, giving local conservatives a chance to catch their breath. But that doesn’t mean they’re slowing down. Governor Phil Bryant (R) and Attorney General Jim Hood — who have been outspoken defenders of marriage — are committed to going to bat for the voters’ will, which was expressed by an amendment to the state constitution 10 years ago.” – Tony Perkins: Family Research Council hate group president and known friend and business associate of David Duke founder of the Louisiana chapter of the KKK


Poor little Ms. Tony.  Her gravy train is drying up and there is little he can do about it.

Lets all look forward to the day that Tony Perkins is a small footnote in Wikipedia.


David Duke



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