One Year After Dangerously Flawed ENDA Passes The Senate, The HRC Still Supports and Praises It.

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From the HRC Blog:

Today marks one year since the historic passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) through the Senate.  This bipartisan legislation, which won the support of 10 Republican Senators, would prohibit discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation or gender identity.  

HRC supports the ENDA for a very simple reason: it will guarantee millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in all 50 states explicit, reliable protections from discrimination in the workplace.  No longer would qualified, hardworking Americans be denied job opportunities, fired or otherwise discriminated against just because they are LGBT.  And the public overwhelmingly supports these workplace protections.  In fact, 8 out of 10 people mistakenly believe that this is already law.

Unfortunately, House Republican Leadership has continued to stand in the way of equality, refusing to bring the legislation to a vote in the House of Representatives.  If Members of Congress were given the opportunity to vote, ENDA would pass in the House.

This version of ENDA would also  guarantee that religious organizations and institutions would be legally able to discriminate against and fire LGBT Americans and such discrimination would be written into law and then be very hard undo.

So why exactly is HRC not only still supporting this dog of bill but also still praising it?




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