Christian Gay Rights Advocate Fund-raises To Pay Fine for Bigoted Bakers In Oregon



Matt Stolhandske, a self-described evangelical Christian and board member of Evangelicals for Marriage Equality, a “Christian group” focused on having “gay unions” instead of same-sex marriages recognized by the Government,  on Friday wrote in a column published on the Washington Post website explaining why he and his group are  raising money in hopes of covering the fine levies on Melissa and Aaron Klein, the anti-gay owners of “Sweet Cakes by Melissa”  a bakery in Portland, Oregon, refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple’s wedding

Stolhandske wrote, ‘The Kleins say the $150,000 fee will bankrupt her family. I’m raising money to help offset that cost. I’ll send whatever we raise along to the Klein family with a message of love and peace. I don’t want them to suffer. But I am also pleading with them and other Christians to stop using the name of Jesus to explain to the LGBT community why we don’t deserve access to the civil rights afforded to heterosexuals through the legal institution of marriage.’

The Kliens assert that they were expressing their religious freedom when they turned down the couple’s order and have since jumped on the Family Research Council hate group bandwagon appearing at the last Values Voters Summit.

Stolhandske says  he expects criticism from the gay community for extending an ‘olive branch.’ “You’re an apologist for homophobes,” they tell me.

And they are right.

Source:  Gay Star News

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