American Anti-Gay Hate Group Alliance Defending Freedom Invades Slovakia



The so-called “American conservative Christian nonprofit organization” and  recognized anti-gay hate group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF, formerly Alliance Defense Fund) if is taking their hate  to the country of Slovakia to help back the in-country anti-gay factions including skinheads and  help support an anti-gay propaganda referendum  similar to the one in place in Russia.

“The people of Slovakia should have the freedom to preserve marriage and family if they so choose,” said Alliance Defending Freedom senior legal counsel Roger Kiska, who filed an amicus brief with the court. “This referendum will allow Slovaks to affirm current Slovak law and important social values, which is perfectly acceptable under the Slovak Constitution.” More than 400,000 citizens signed the petition supporting a referendum, according to Roger Kiska—more than the required number of signatures. However, Slovak President Andrej Kiska asked the Constitutional Court to review the measure because of a provision in the country’s constitution that forbids holding a referendum to change “fundamental rights and liberties.”

Slovakia banned same sex marriage in June .

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