Kirk Cameron Wants Your $$$’s To Win The “War” Against The Anti-American Gay Agenda!

Kirk Cameron

Former 80’s teen sitcom actor and alleged closet-case  (she has a cruising path named after her in Griffith Park) Kirk Cameron is at again. This time the hammy homophobic bigot is appearing in a new infomercial for the nationally recognized anti-gay hate group Alliance Defending Freedom, a “nonprofit”  dedicated to protecting the “God given rights” of religious freedom!

Cameron grifts on camera for over 30 minutes talking about how Christianity is under attack in America and that America itself is doomed!  And for a finale at the 23-minute mark he pulls out and plays the big bad scary gay card proclaiming that LGBT activists are “anti-American” and “anti-Christian.”

Cameron ends by asking for donations so that he can help fight the war against the intolerant liberals and gays (and get more botox injections and hair-plugs) that “persecute” and “indoctrinate” poor defenseless Christians.

Hint: The video is even more hilarious when you have the closed captions on…….

One thought on “Kirk Cameron Wants Your $$$’s To Win The “War” Against The Anti-American Gay Agenda!

  1. IDIOT!!!!! So sad he and his Dancing with the stars, should have gone home three weeks ago, sister been brainwashed…had to change the station when, before her dance, they showed a story about her and jesus christian crap. So sad they have been brainwashed…they could have been nice people who could have maybe done something good for this country. Instead they are just a waste of space who live by the words of a book of fairy tails they call the bible.

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