Hack Movie Reviewer Turned Conservative Radio Host Michael Medved: States Never Banned Gay Marriage

Idiots Everywhere


Despite the fact that same sex marriage is banned in 30 states, former hack movie reviewer turned current hack conservative radio host Michael Medved said Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference that no state has ever banned gay marriage and any claim to the contrary is “a liberal lie.”

“There has never been a state in this country that has ever banned gay marriage,” Medved said during a panel titled “Can Libertarians and Social Conservatives Ever Get Along?” after another panelist referenced historical discrimination against LGBT couples. “That is a liberal lie.”

Prior to Medved’s comment, Alexander McCobin, president and co-founder of Students for Liberty, a libertarian group, said that the religious liberty that had historically been repressed had been “the liberty of those religious institutions and practices that support same-sex marriage.”

“The government has prevented them from engaging in the religious practice that they want,” he said.

If no states have ever banned same-sex marriage, then I wonder what Medved thinks it is that federal courts have been overturning?

Michael Medved. Two thumbs up…….his ass.

3 thoughts on “Hack Movie Reviewer Turned Conservative Radio Host Michael Medved: States Never Banned Gay Marriage

  1. I think he is from a planet far far away and does not understand
    our form of goverment yet…what a wacko!!! What law school did
    he go to? Wherever he went it needs to be shut down today.

  2. This is typical conservative behavior. Social history has already written about the bigotry and intolerance of conservatives towards gay equality. Since conservatives have lost the gay marriage battle (big time) they are now starting the process of trying to rewrite their sordid past of hate. They will not succeed but they as usual they are trying to at least confuse the issue or try to pacify their more moderate conservatives.

    I won’t bother calling this man an idiot. We already know it.

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