HRC Serves Coke To Prominent LGBT Russian Journalist and Activist Masha Gessen

HRC Coke


Prominent Russia LGBT journalist and activist Masha Gessen is spoke at the Human Rights Campaign headquarters in Washington D.C. last night and just guess what the HRC tried to serve her?


Yes that’s what was set up on all the speakers chairs before the event started.  3 chairs, 3 microphones, and 3 cokes.

Sources from the event report that HRC’s Ty Cobb and another staff member “discussed” the situation and removed the cans after noticing that people were taking pictures.

Oh and by the way that Bertoia bar stools that the Coke is sitting on retail for $1200 apiece of your donation money.

H/T to Ellen SturtzDavid John Fleck, and  Charles Butler