AFA’s Bryan Fischer Consoles New BFF Dave Agema For Being Abused By The Nasty Gays – Video

Dave Agema and Bryan Fischer

Michigan’s rabidly anti-gay Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema showed up on Bryan Fischer’s show this week to be comforted by his new BFF and play the victim and comparing himself to Phil Robertson and Evander Holyfield and others who have supposedly been persecuted for simply telling the truth about us nasty gays. Agema vowed to stand on principle and never to resign from the RNC rather than become a victim of “political correctness.”

“Political correctness is taking the place of freedom of speech,” Agema told Fischer. “And if you look at what’s happened just here in the news media and particularly in Hollywood in the Grammys, they are just shoving this stuff down our throats and very few people are speaking up. And if you do speak up, you can expect to be slammed, and that’s exactly what they call it, slamming and jamming, what they’re doing to me right now”

Bryan and Dave: True Love Forever

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