Michelangelo Signorile Puts 100% American Texas Tea Party Patriot In His Place – Audio

Mike Signorelli

LGBT radio host and activist Michelangelo Signorile, host of the Sirius XM Progress radio show named for him took a call from John in Houston, Texas who identified himself as  not Republican, not Democrat” but rather, “a 100 percent American” who immediately started to attack President Obama with the same Fox News and Republican false talking points.  Signorelli was having none of it though and using the truth and facts put the tea bagging patriot in his place but good.

… But you was [sic] talking about the President carrying 49 percent of Hispanics, 87 percent of Hispanics, but just like I said, it’s, uh, free money is votes, and I know for a fact, I’m a, I haul all over Texas, I see it all, I been there, done that, ….”

Michelangelo immediately pounces on the “free money” assertion asking him, “what do you mean, ‘free money’?”  To which John replies: “How many Hispanics as you call them, come over here, and I’ll give you examples of the people that I know, that come over here and haven’t worked a day in their lives, and they’re getting welfare, they’re getting Social Security …” Signorile comes back at him with the conservative’s Achilles heel, facts, pointing out:

“First of all, there are no immigrants who are undocumented getting any federal money. The people who are getting the lion’s share of federal dollars because they are poor are white people … Do you know that the majority of people on welfare are what John in Houston is, ’100 percent American’ white people?… The majority of people on unemployment are white people. The majority of people on every program are white people. So this argument, it really wears thin … the idea that people voted for the President because he’s given them money, no. People who voted for Mitt Romney were getting government money themselves. They’re rich people on welfare. You know those people? They’re really rich and they have all kinds of tax loopholes, and they don’t pay as much taxes as you do.”

Well that of course didn’t sit well with the caller who probably doesn’t have a pot to piss and depends on armadillo road kill to feed his family. So being so brainwashed by the GOP’s lies he just has to defend the very people who have ruined his quality of life in the first place with their greed.

Why are you against rich people? I mean, they didn’t take it away from you…”

Michelangelo responds perfectly: “I’m not against rich people, I want rich people to pay their fair share and not get tax loopholes. Mitt Romney paid 12 percent in taxes while the average American is paying 30 percent taxes.

Again John comes back with a typical right wing talking point, this time based in his religious convictions: “Well, what I’m saying is, 10 percent’s good enough for the good Lord, why isn’t it good enough for the American government?”

And that is where Michelangelo goes in for the kill.

 “We cannot run this country on 10 percent, of everybody giving 10 percent of their income, and still have roads, and highways and infrastructure and bridges. You like those bridges, you like all those roads you drive in Texas?  Your Governor [Rick Perry], right? He slashed the state budget, he slashed the fire department, we were just talking about it earlier, and the federal government had to come in and bail him out. I’m sick of bailing you people out, and your big giant state. You should be paying more money. You got a lot of people there, and your Governor has the gall to ask for a bailout from the President of the United States? What a moocher he is.

John, are you proud of your last Governor, before Rick Perry? Because he took this country … first he ran your state into the ground, and your next Governor had to be a moocher and ask for federal dollars, and then he ran the country into the ground, and took us to war based on lies, and thank God that President Obama saved this economy from George Bush, who bankrupted us with his war, and bankrupted us because he let the banks bilk everybody of billions of dollars … Man, John, you have some losers, losers who’ve run your state, and you have the gall to talk about President Obama, man, or anybody else, when you have all of these moochers and losers who’ve run your state? Give me a break.”


You can listen to the entire exchange in the audio clip below.

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