Ice Queen Johnny Weir: The Gay Community Hates Me So Much! – (Ya Think?)

Johnny Queer

“I’ve come under so much hate and scrutiny from within my own LGBT community for my views on the Olympics. But as somebody who watched my parents sacrifice everything so that I had at least one chance of making the Olympics, I could never boycott the Olympics whether they be in Pyongyang (in North Korea), in Uganda, in Iran or Mars. I would have competed there because my whole life has been about going to the Olympics. Being gay isn’t something that I chose, being gay is something I was born into. But being an Olympic athlete was something that I chose and something I worked hard for and I’ll see it to any necessary end. The entire Olympic team is not made up of LGBT people. It’s people who’ve sacrificed their livelihoods, it’s people who’ve sacrificed their parents’ finances and health and sometimes even marriages to get that one chance at glory. As an athlete who’s lived it, I could never turn my face to that. While equality is necessary all over the world, the Olympics is not the place for me to make a stand.”– Johnny Weir,

Boo-fucking-hoo! It is NOT your LBQT community, traitor.

And as for “I could never boycott the Olympics whether they be in… Mars.”  Of course you couldn’t Johnny.  You’d have to pull your head out of your Uranus first.

Johnny Weir is nothing more than an amoral, self-centered, selfish, shallow little monster who deserves a fierce bitch slapping.

Any volunteers?


7 thoughts on “Ice Queen Johnny Weir: The Gay Community Hates Me So Much! – (Ya Think?)

  1. Staying away plays into Putin’s hands for more than turning up and creating a scene does. For Russia, if there are no gays or lesbians, there is no problem; they will breathe a collective sigh of relief.

    Last December, faced with similar pressures to boycott, Elton John turned up and spoke out against the law, yet he was not arrested. You can hear the support from the Russian audience: That personal engagement gives our friends ammunition to fight ignorance and prejudice.

    I think a gay-free Olympics is exactly what Russia wants and I’m very much opposed to delivering it to them on a plate, by simply stalking off in the huff. Of course I cannot speak for Johnny Weir or tell him what to do, but I can say, if I were in his position in a major delegation, I would make it my business to turn up and engage publicly as an openly gay man. Are the police going to arrest me if I do this? If they do, so much the better so far as I am concerned, because it brings this conversation into the public arena where Russia has to PROVE harm occurred. If it happens to any of the openly gay or lesbian delegates being sent from the USA and the UK, then it will create an international incident.

  2. Thank you Mr. Williams for a very well thought out and unemotional point of view to an outright boycott. I think very highly of Will Kohler but I have to admit you make a very compelling argument. Gay athletes refusing to participate would only narrow the field for those that do participate. The IOC pulling out of Russia would have been the only sensible choice.

  3. You really think he would not enjoy such a punishment?
    I am convinced that what he said is the lead-in to a serious spanking, watch him carefully when he’s walking around next time….. no doubt sitting down very carefully, as his buns are red-hot from the whipping he no doubt will have received….. :-{)
    (and to answer your question…… it would be my pleasure! GRINS )

  4. So, as long as you want “glory,” it’s okay to bankrupt your parents, break up their marriage, and be complicit in human rights abuses… as long as you want glory.

  5. Calling Johnny Weir a “traitor” is such puff and nonsense. I support his decision.

    When Brian Boitano was chosen by President Obama to represent the USA as part of our delegation at Sochi it led to Brian coming out of the closet just a few weeks ago. In part, here is what Brain has to say on the subject:
    “I think that we have to be careful once we go over there,’’ Boitano said. “I think the statement is already being made by us being on the delegation and Billie Jean and Caitlin, and us standing together united as gay people showing that there is freedom of speech, and we are successful human beings and athletes. I think that speaks measures.”

    I applaud our LGBT heroes and icons like Weir, Boitano, and King, who dare to stand up to the self-appointed monitors of political correctness who sophomorically resort to denigration and intimidation to push their hateful and spiteful agendas.

  6. Weir is disgusting!! iS IT A MAN OR A WOMAN! It’s bad when your kids ask if that is a man or a woman and then ask why does he dress like mommy. If he came on tv it was turned off!
    If Rippon was a commentator I’m ok with that….at least you can tell he is a MAN.

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