Marie Osmond Poses with Anita Bryant – Paper Roses and Arsenic & Old Lace

The good died young and it seems that Anita Bryant will live forever.

Marie Osmond the mother of a lesbian daughter and a a professed equality ally posed for a picture of famed anti-gay spokesbitch Anita Bryant after a recent concert.  Bryant is the original singer of the song “paper Roses” which Marie made famous and destroyed the countless lives of gay men and lesbians in the 1970’s with her crusade of hate.

Now I like Marie Osmond.  But to those of you who say “Cut her some slack.  It was a professional courtesy what was she supposed to do?”  

Back in the day when some stars had integrity.  Charlie Chaplin was at a party at the beginning of World War II with a famous German director who was a loyalist of Adolph Hitler.  When the famous director offered to shake Chaplin s hand Chaplin refused and said “I don’t shake hands with Nazis.” and walked away.

Now THAT was a celebrity!

Bryant by the way has never apologized for her anti-gay crusade.


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2 thoughts on “Marie Osmond Poses with Anita Bryant – Paper Roses and Arsenic & Old Lace

  1. Finally someone who gets it. Almost all the comments I’ve read about this have been “I’ll give Marie a pass on this one”. What bothers me also is that Marie posted this photo to her social media sites. Thanks Will for thinking a little deeper & remembering the victims in Anita’s dust.

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