Pat RobertsonOn his “700 Club” show, Pat Robertson told viewers that people are gay because they were sexually abused when they were younger.

The conversation came up when a viewer called in needing advice. She wanted to pray for her 30 year old nephew who is gay, but thinks her nephew needs to pray for himself.

Robertson, who is now in his 80’s, tried his best to be “delicate”, but it didn’t last long. He quickly responded to his viewer with,

“So what’s he going to pray about? Is he going to say something is wrong and he’s unhappy? And if he’s unhappy and realizes he is doing something that makes him miserable, you might help him.

Robertson then went on to say that gay people need to be shown the Bible because all gay people where abused as a child.

Gay people, Robertson insisted, “need to be shown the Bible. What does the Bible say about this? The Bible is explicit about [homosexuality]… But many, many people are into this lifestyle because they have been abused, as a child, and so forth.”

Robertson backs his belief with his following statement saying that homosexuality used to be considered a disease.

“A few years ago psychiatrists and psychologists used to say that homosexuality was a mental illness. Now the Supreme Court has said that it is a protected right.”

So instead if Robertson using his platform and television show to condemn sexual abuse or child abuse, he uses it as an excuse for why people are gay. Robertson is truly as disgusting as he  thinks the LGBT community is.

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