Cowardly Twitter Bigots Attack and Bully Tom Daley For Coming Out

Tom Daley straight

Tom Daley is enduring a lot of abuse from cowardly bigots on Twitter who are hiding behind their computer screens and spew hatred after sharing the news that he’s dating a guy earlier today,

Run over to Tom’s page @TomDaley1994 and give him a kind word and feel free to go after these close minded haters and give them a good old fashioned flaming.

Names HAVE NOT been redacted below:

Tom Daley Abuse-vert


One thought on “Cowardly Twitter Bigots Attack and Bully Tom Daley For Coming Out

  1. These bigots forget that Jesus had two fathers (God and Josef), one whore-mother (Maria was pregnant and unmarried), and he lived with twelve men (the Apostles)!

    He slept with them, he kissed with them, he shared bread and wine with them…….

    And also… the book they base their condemnations on was written long after Jesus lived, and no one disputes the fact that a human wrote the book we know as the bible, a monk who probably brought together all kinds of mysteries, fables, historic stories and added a lot of fantasy to it….

    Faith…. the most often used reason for war, murder, killing, abuse, and oppression!

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