AFA’s Bryan Fischer Plays The Fool, AGAIN: “Where’s the protections for heterosexual’s in ENDA?”

Bryan Fischer lunatic


What an IDIOT.

American Family Association spokesdouche extraordinaire Bryan Fischer went off the deep end again yesterday on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, calling it “The Jerry Sandusky Pedophile Protection Act” and saying it would prevent society from discriminating against “aberrant deviant sexual behavior” and those who practice it.

Fischer also went on to claim that ENDA grants special rights to gays, saying that ‘there’s no protection in here for heterosexuals, none whatsoever….they get no legal protections in the law.’ because the inbred idiot doesn’t realize that ENDA would make it illegal to fire someone based on sexual orientation…and being straight is a ‘sexual orientation.'”

What a fucking moron.

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