PA Gov “Gay Marriage Is Like Incest” Tom Corbett: You Can’t Sue Me For Marriage Equality

Tom Corbet asshole

Pennsylvania GOP Governor Tom Corbett who recently appeared on a morning talk show and equated same sex marriage with incest, has filed a legal brief claiming that he is exempt from being named a defendant in any marriage equality lawsuits filed in the federal court system.

Gov. Tom Corbett’s legal team argued that the U.S. Constitution provides state officials immunity from being sued in federal court without their consent. The governor’s lawyers contend that Corbett and Health Secretary Michael Wolf should be dismissed as defendants because of a 1972 Supreme Court ruling that says federal courts lack jurisdiction over state marriage laws. In a separate filing, lawyers for state Attorney General Kathleen Kane argued that she should not be a defendant because she is not enforcing the law. In addition to Corbett, Kane and Wolf, two county officials are named in the lawsuit. Lawyers in the case are scheduled to meet on Wednesday with Judge John E. Jones III to discuss scheduling matters, including the timing of a trial.

Corbett is a  graduate of the Sarah Palin School of Government Accountability.

One thought on “PA Gov “Gay Marriage Is Like Incest” Tom Corbett: You Can’t Sue Me For Marriage Equality

  1. Doesn’t this show that the man (ahem) is nothing more then complete coward?
    He go’s about to deliberately denounce homosexual people, comparing them with criminals (incest is a criminal act), and after done so he hides his fat ass behind the assumed constitutional protection of immunity for officials and authorities……
    How much of a coward can one be?

    I guess the point of consideration is here, did he make the statement as Governor at the talkshow, or as American citizen?
    When the latter, he lacks the protection of constitutional immunity, as with every American citizen he can be held responsible and accountable for his actions, words and intentions……… even the results and consequences can be put on his head as an American citizen!

    One wonders btw how he is so sure about homosexuality being equal to incest… is he perhaps himself the product of an incestuous relationship?
    It would not be so uncommon, as within wealthy families it was not uncommon to have relatives marry each other…….
    Perhaps one should trace his ancestry, and who knows, he might be the result of a longtime ago marriage between brother and sister…….
    Would be fun to find out……. I think!

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