Olympic Torch Run In Greece Met With Protests Over Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws


Grrce Olympic Protest

On Saturday afternoon, as the flame moved from the Acropolis, in Greece where it had stayed overnight, to a cauldron inside the courtyard of the Acropolis Museum, Dozens of rights activists gathered on the museum’s steps in a peaceful protest. Some held rainbow flags, while others held a banner reading “Homophobia is not in the Olympic Spirit” and “Love is not Propaganda.”

Another banner mentioned “Putin’s victims” allegedly beaten, raped or murdered for being gay.

“The Olympics should have taken a stand against this law in Russia because the Olympic ideals are for supporting human rights and diversity and that’s not what’s happening in Russia,” said protester Zak Kostopoulos.

After a seven-day run through Greece, the flame will cover 40,000 miles on Russian soil. The record-setting relay will start on Monday in Moscow, in a ceremony attended by Russia President Vladimir Putin, and will finish in Sochi on Feb. 7, the opening day of the games.

Is it too much to hope that one of the torch bearers might be gay and have an opportunity to shove it straight up Vladimir Putin’s ass?

What do you think?

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