Moldava Overturns “Gay Propaganda” Ban To Join European Union


Five months ago the country Moldova passed a law banning the promotion of “relationships than those linked to marriage and the family” to children, a bit of legislation that was strongly supported and promoted by the Orthodox “Christian” Church and closely resembled Russia’s current draconian anti-LGBT laws.

Now the country which is trying to secure membership in the European Union has overturned the ban of promoting homosexuality to minors much to the chagrin of Vladimir Putin and  Orthodox Christians, dozens of whom gathered outside the parliament building to protest and tried to prevent lawmakers from entering. “Today they are allowing this propaganda and tomorrow they will allow gay marriages,” said priest Ghenadie Valuta.

One can only hope and pray.

Moldova: Welcome to the 21st Century!


2 thoughts on “Moldava Overturns “Gay Propaganda” Ban To Join European Union

  1. I am so tired of the fundamentalist not understanding there is a difference between acceptance and equality. I do not want their acceptance. I do not accept them. But I do demand equality. More importantly this is another example of money talking. Moldova understands it has to change to move forward.

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