Because Infighting Is Funny – Sean Hannity vs. Pat Robertson GOP Cannibalism At Its Best

Eat Your own

Republican worms across America are starting to turn on each other over Ted Cruz and his Suicide Caucus continuing to keep the Government shutdown.  And two of the biggest right-wing worms Fox New’s Sean “I smoke a big cigar because I have a little dick” Hannity and evangelical Pat “Crazy as a bedbug” Robertson have  joined in the to the Republican all-you-can-eat cannibal buffet.

Pat Robertson, on today’s 700 Club show.

“The Republicans have got to wave the white flag and say, ‘We fought a good fight and now it’s over.’ They cannot shut the government down and then bring about a default. We can’t do it. I mean, it would be devastating economically to every human being and the Republicans just can’t get tarred with that. So they tried and if they go to the electorate and say, ‘We tried, Obamacare was awful, we tried to get it underway and we weren’t successful, the Democrats wanted it, they fought for it and they wouldn’t let go so it’s their bill, their program.'”

Sean Hannity, on the other hand speaking last night on his radio show wants to fight, fight, fight!

“Either you believe that we need radical, positive, oriented solutions for this country and you willing to fight for them or you’re not. Is it a third party we need? I’ve often argued no. I’m not so sure anymore. It may be time for a new conservative party in America. I’m sick of these guys. The problem here is the more establishment wing of the Republican party, they didn’t stick together with these guys and instead the establishment has been out there trashing principled conservatives for keeping their principles and for keeping their commitment and their promises to their constituents. They have now declared war on principled conservatives like Ted Cruz, doing the bidding of the Democrats and the leftist media and now you’ve got the establishment Republicans trashing the conservative base of their own party.”

Pass the popcorn and lets have a Sean Hannity vs. Pat Roberson duel!   Flaming assholes at 200 feet!




1 thought on “Because Infighting Is Funny – Sean Hannity vs. Pat Robertson GOP Cannibalism At Its Best

  1. Oh Geez…since it comes from the “cigar” guy, I can only find myself on the floor laughing my arse off with “principled conservatives like Ted Cruz”

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