Crybaby John Boehner Gets Pissy When He’s Caught In Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Lies – Video

Boehner Baby

Little Miss Pissy Pants John Boehner lost it a few times today on This Week with George Stephanopoulos


Boehner even looks like he’s  lying. The votes are there in the House to pass a clean CR. There is video evidence of Boehner saying repeatedly that he did not want to shut the government down. There is also evidence that enough Republicans would join with Democrats to support raising the debt limit.

Boehner, like all habitual GOP and Tea Party liars, can’t keep his numerous lies straight. But like all bullies, if anyone dares challenge his truthfulness, he responds with a loud accusatory voice and faux indignation.

1 thought on “Crybaby John Boehner Gets Pissy When He’s Caught In Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Lies – Video

  1. My God!
    This is supposed to be one of the leaders of the country!
    And all that he can show is how weak-minded and how brainlessly idiotic he in fact is!
    It is really very sad to see a human being in a position that he brought himself into trying to get out of, meanwhile knowing that the whole population knows that he, and only he, is the responsible person who brought the present situation around… that the nation is struggling to go ahead, and have the people who work for the nation get their rightful paychecks, and keep their jobs!

    It is a shame that these kind of creatures are in positions that enable them to ruin a whole country, to see these kind of creatures being able to have their own personal agenda put above the well-being of The People and The Country!

    It is shocking to realize that there people around who voted for these creatures, and who have put these selfish greedy and arrogant misfits in the position they are in!
    Brainless people choose brainless people to represent them….. don’t expect them to do anything useful for you if you have choosen them!

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