Pennsylvania GOP Governor Tom Corbett Hires $400 An Hour Attorney To Fight Gay Marriage

Tom Corbet asshole

Since Pennsylvania’s state attorney general Kathleen Kane has announced that she WILL NOT defend the state in a federal lawsuit filed by the ACLU challenging the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, which Kane calls “wholly unconstitutional.” Pennsylvania’s Republican Gov. Tom Corbett has decided to waste the states money and has hired the $400 an hour outside attorney William Lamb, a Republican and founding partner of the West Chester-based firm Lamb McErlane to defend the states bigotry.

“(Lamb) is one of the most prominent figures in that Pennsylvania legal community having served on the state Supreme Court and as district attorney for Chester County. Corbett’s general counsel James Schultz said the “unique circumstances” of this case compelled the Office of General Counsel to retain expert assistance in this case. “The Office of General Counsel provides comprehensive legal services to numerous state agencies and executives, but we do not typically defend cases that solely challenge the constitutionality of a statute,” Schultz said. “Who better than a former Supreme Court Justice and his firm to assist in addressing this type of fundamental question?”

hen will it sink in with the GOP that they have lost both the moral and legal arguments against equality? And they have lost public support too.

And as Cobett wastes Pennsylvania’s money on a $400 an hour attorney and his $350 an hour staff, the state has they’ve slashed funding of colleges 50% and schools are being closed in Philadelphia because of budget cuts.

Your tax money at work Pennsylvania.   Supporting the GOP gravy train of hate as it goes chugging along.


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