Obama To Meet With Russian LGBT Activists at G20 Summit, Nikolai Alexeyev NOT Invited

Nikolai Alexseyev

President Obama plans to meet with several Russian LGBT groups and activists later this week when he visits St. Petersburg to attend the G20 Summit, and Nikolai Alexeyev one of Russia’s most outspoken  pro-gay activists has not been asked to attend.

No specific reason has been given, but Alexeyev has lost much credibility outside of Russia and within due to his erratic diva-like behavior and as of late his outspoken  antisemitism.  Many believe that either Alexeyev’s mental state has disintegrated or that he has been “bought off” by the Russian government

President Obama will be meeting with at least four Russian non-governmental organizations on  Thursday at St. Petersburg’s Crowne Plaza Hotel. The groups include veteran human rights activists Lev Ponomarev and Lyudmila Alexeyeva, legal aid NGO director Pavel Chikov, and Coming Out, a St. Petersburg-based LGBT organization and LGBT Network.

Meanwhile Alexeyev still continues to make anti-Semitic remarks on Twitter and Facebook blaming the “Jewish Mafia” for his problems and bashing “western” LGBT activists.

Nikolai gone wild


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