Gay Russian Activist “Let Down” By Meeting With President Obama – Video

Gay Russia

Igor Kochetkov of the Russian LGBT Network has publicly stated that he felt underwhelmed and “let down” with the recent meeting of President Obama concerning the persecution that LGBT Russians are experiencing under Vladimir Putin’s current anti-gay regime because Obama said he had to consider his overall relationship with Russia.

Said Kochetkov:

“The President said he can’t prioritize human rights in his relationship with Russia because there are other issues as well. I disagree with the President because, in my view, by doing so, we narrow our chances of cooperation in other areas.”

Not totally shocking considering the snails pace the Obama administration has taken on LGBT issues in his own country after all his grandiose promises and talk during his campaign year in 2007 and 2007.  While DADT did happen after much prodding from GetEqual and the LGBT community we’d do well to remember the LGBT community took care of DOMA and we sit here 6 years later still waiting on a strong push from President on ENDA and much of the time waiting is because there are other “issues” with out own anti-gay faction of government because their are other issues.

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