EXPOSED! – American Family Association and Peter LaBarbera Create FAKE Anti-LGBT AP Story

AFA fake AP news

Well we can now add frauds and charlatans to the list that includes anti-gay bigots, haters, and religious extremist when talking about the American Family Association hate group who are now taking anti LGBT propaganda to new, and highly illegal heights

Jeremey Hooper at As Good has You point out that the AFA is promoting an anti-LGBT hit list that  features Americans for Truth About Homosexuality’s discredited leader  Peter LaBarbera  (before changing his name to “Barber” midway through), as an Associated Press wire story, when it is NOT.

According to Hooper: 

“It’s likely an attempt to add legitimacy to this skewed report, making it sound as if Peter’s crude objections are the thing of mainstream punditry. This follows One News Now’s past shady practices regarding its AP wire usage, wherein the anti-LGBT “news” outlet has added smear quotes to certain words, as well as altered other terms and context while retaining AP branding.”

You can send an email to the Associated Press exposing this illegal fraud containing the link:  to and stress that the American Family Association needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for falsely using and tarnishing the AP brand.



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