UK Olympic Diver and Hottie Tom Daley Comes Out As “Straight” – Really? DAMMIT!

Tom Daley straight

Olympic Diver and hottie Tom Daley has dashed the hopes of thousands of gay men today as he has come out as “straight” (*gasp*) in an interview with the Sunday Mirror.

I think it’s funny when people say I’m gay… I laugh it off. Daley said.

“I’m not. But even if I was, I wouldn’t be ashamed. It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest what people thought.

“But I can understand why I have a massive gay following – I spend most of my life half naked in trunks on a diving board showing off my bare chest. I often joke I wear more to bed than I do to work. But I’m cool with my gay following. It’s great to have gay fans.”

Last month, Tommy told Digital Spy that being named this year’s ‘Sexiest Man’ by Attitude was “surreal”, but “very cool”.

Asked how he feels about his gay following, Daley said: “Everyone’s been so supportive. [Attitude’s voters] are the people cheering me on during the Olympics, these are the people that give me extra motivation during training. I really appreciate it.”

Since this “news” comes from  the UK Sunday Mirror (via Pink News) let’s (hopefully) take this with a grain of salt and believe there is still the great gay hope.

Tom Daley nude


Tom Daley naked

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