AFA’s Bryan Fischer Attacks Teen Transgender Homecoming Queen Calls Her “mentally ill” – Video

Bryan Fischer lunatic

62 years old Bryan J. Fischer is sinking yet further into the depths inhumanity by lashing out and bullying 16-year-old Cassidy Cambell , a trans girl who won her high school’s homecoming queen title. Fischer in one of his on-air hate triads called the teen is mentally ill and is upset that media outlets covering  Cassidy’s story are referring to her as “she” and “her” rather than her birth gender.

“He has a mental illness, he thinks he’s a girl and they elected him homecoming queen and the school officials allowed this charade to go on. That violates everything we know about gender, about sex, about genetics, about biology, about human health, about what mental health is, it violates every known standard of decency and normality in America”

A man Bryan Fischer s age using a public forum to attack a child.


There is just one of the many reasons and PROOF why that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists the American Family Association as a hate group.

H/T The New Civil Rights Movement

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