$4.5 Million Defamation Award Against Homophobic Michigan Ex-Asst AG Andrew Shirvell UPHELD

Andrew Shirvell

A federal judge has upheld a $4.5 million jury verdict against homophobic former Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shrivill who was fired from his Assistant Attorney General position in November of 2011 after e after stalking, harassing  and starting a blog that slurred openly gay University of Michigan assembly president, Chris Armstrong, as a racist. and a sexual outlaw with a “radical homosexual agenda”

District Judge Arthur J. Tarnow’s  ruling came in a lawsuit brought by Chris Armstrong, who graduated from Michigan in 2011, against Andrew Shirvell  when it was learned he used his office computer to wage an online campaign against Armstrong upon his election as student body president.  Shirvell started a blog devoted to attacking Armstrong for his “radical homosexual agenda,” claiming, among other things, that he also engaged in public sex and also orgies with other students.  Shirvell, who described gay life as “filthy,” also showed up on campus and outside Armstrong’s home, claiming to “document” inappropriate conduct and to protest against Armstrong in person..

Shirvell has a long history of anti-LGBT harassment according to report compiled by the attorney general’s office which includes sending e-mails to a former state representative and others that included gay slurs, Shirvell also harassed Armstrong’s friends as they were socializing in Ann Arbor and made numerous calls to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office Armstrong was working there as an intern.

The judge also rejected Shirvell’s arguments against the size and scope of the damage award, finding that it fell within the normal range for cases involving this type of behavior.

Shirvell received volunteer legal assistance on his post-trial motions and will likely seek to appeal the court’s rulings, since he continues to maintain that all his conduct was shielded by the First Amendment.

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