Gay Couple Ordered To Move To The Back Of The Bus In Albuquerque, New Mexico – Video

New Mexico gay discrimination

Gay couple Ron McCoy and Chris Bowers traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico last month for its annual Pride Festival , but it also seemed that they traveled back in time when a driver on an airport shuttle bus demanded that they move to the back of the bus because he was disgusted and appalled that they were holding hands.

KRQE reports:

McCoy said he and his partner sat in the front of a shuttle bus, holding hands when a driver discriminated against them.

“I saw him look at us, look down at his hands and he looked so angry,” McCoy said. “He just blurted out at me, he goes, “’Okay, if you’re going to do that, you’re going to the back of the bus.'”

Shocked and not wanting to cause problems, the couple obeyed. Once the shuttle stopped at its destination, however, the couple asked the driver why he forced them to move.

“I said, ‘I think it was because you didn’t like the fact that I was holding my partner’s hand.’ He goes, ‘See, now you’re telling on yourself.’ My partner responds, ‘Well, that’s discrimination,’ and the driver responds, ‘You’re telling on yourself again,’” McCoy said.

A woman, originally from Albuquerque, witnessed the confrontation and jumped in. “I told the bus driver that I was completely appalled that anybody would be treated this way,” said Bernadette Aguirre.

“And the driver looks back at us and goes, ‘I’ll show you what’s appalling,’ and he points to us,” McCoy said.

The back of the bus?  RELLY?  I ask you is there any location more symbolic of bigotry and in American history?



7 thoughts on “Gay Couple Ordered To Move To The Back Of The Bus In Albuquerque, New Mexico – Video

  1. Strange, but somehow this event brings memories of black people being forced to sit in the back in the bus in early days…. when segregation and American Apartheid (AA) were common…….

    It is disgusting to realize that in 2013 there are still people around, in America especially, who feel that people who openly are themselves are disgusting…….

    I think that not only this busdriver is a shocking example of how sick, low and foul even in 2013 can be towards other people, but also that the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico has failed in its policy of being part of 2013 and the 21st century!
    A cit that hires people who still have the attitude that people who are different need to sit in the back of the bus is as foul, as rotten, as sick as the individual with that attitude!
    Nobody tells me that this same busdriver has not been expressing his disgust on and about homosexual people, and by failing to recognize that attitude, the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is equally sick, rotten and foul!

    I suggest that the couple subjected to the degrading attitude of the busdriver demand compensation, and that the bisdriver will be fired and never be allwoed to at anytime or under any circumstance will be given a post in public service!

  2. and where are the black people? WHY are they not SCREAMING bloody murder over this injustice…. where is Al Sharpton… why isn’t he here demanding justice? that Anyone was ordered to the back of the bus. betcha 5 bucks the shuttle driver was black.

  3. Which airport? Who runs the shuttle service? Is it a particular airline? A third-party contractor? The city of Albuquerque?

    This story is only half-told.

  4. Rosa Parks, where are you ? The courage you faced in the Montgomery bus and the following Montgomery bus boycott from from December 1, 1955 is needed in Albuquerque. This bus driver doesn’t seem much aware of your fight…

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