Russia Arrests Three Dutch Tourists For Breaking The “Homosexual Propaganda” Law

Russia anti-gay

Three Dutch tourist including Kris van der Veen, a councillor for the green party GroenLinks in Groningen – were arrested in Russia under the ‘gay propaganda” law’ Sunday making them the first foreigners to be officially charged under the draconian anti-gay law.  Van der Veen was making a documentary about gay rights in Russia and had been asking children about their views.

They three were told they had broken the law of ‘non-traditional sexual relations’ propaganda among children, which was signed into law by President Vladimir Putin last month  and were being held in the police station, authorities said they had violated the ‘rules of stay in the territory of Russia’ and are being held in Murmansk in North Russia where the incident occurred.

If convicted , the three could be heavily fined, held for up to 14 days in Russian prison and then deported back to the Netherlands.

Source: Gay Star News

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