One Million Moms SCANDALIZED By Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” – Video

Naked and Afraid

For those of you who have missed it. Naked and Afraid is an hour-long reality show that airs Sunday nights at 10 ET on the Discovery Channel. Each week, a man and a woman meet as strangers in a new wilderness location, and must strip down and brave the environment with no clothes, materials, medicine, or food for 21 days.

Well One Million Morons Moms are shocked and scandalized by the pixilated nudity! So shoocked in fact that they can’t even spell out the words “nudity” and “naked”

As the newest show airing on the Discovery Channel, ‘N*ked And Afraid’ has cast members who are completely uncovered and dropped in the jungle with no food, no shelter and no clothes. Discovery should be ashamed to air n*dity and then call it entertainment. In fact, having the cast be n*ked is the basis for fifty percent of the show. Even though the frontal body parts are blurred out, showing so much skin is considered soft p*rn. This is why we must get these appalling shows off the air and cannot just change the channel. Please send an email letter to the sponsors of this week’s ‘N*ked And Afraid.’ This week’s national sponsors were: Carrabba’s, IHOP, Kingston (The Clorox Company), Geico, TGI Friday’s and Kayak. Urge advertisers to place it on their “do not advertise” list in protest of pushing suggestive material directly into America’s living rooms.” – One Million Moms, in their second attack on Discovery’s new show.

Really OMMs!  I mean if God meant us to be n*ked we would be born that way!

Repressed old biddies.

Check out survivalist Billy Berger in the clip below.  WOOF!

3 thoughts on “One Million Moms SCANDALIZED By Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” – Video

  1. 1 million moms is actually like 10,000 moms. Also that’s why they have ways to block the channels you don’t want to watch or have your kids watch. Maybe they should go to some other countries where people can’t afford clothing and put there time and energy into helping them. Maybe too it’s part of a certain culture where people don’t wear clothing and these crazy bitches are condemning them for it. I’m guessing most of the one million moms aren’t even moms or they are extremely religious people who need to realize there are other people on this huge planet that don’t care about their opinions nor do they take the time to think before they talk. For example a lot of laws keep television and radio from completely being open and honest due to worry of a lawsuit so the public doesn’t hear about some stories or get all the info they want. What ever happened to America being a free country sure you can pass judgement all you want but ultimately let people decide what they want to watch on tv especially if they’re paying for it. Also they must be uncomfortable with their own bodies because people who are comfortable with their body aren’t afraid to show it so part of it is jealousy. I think at some point when they have more people disagreeing with you than agreeing these narrow minded moms should call it quits.

  2. Wow, Just found out about this show. Great porn but porn isn’t for kids/families. I hope my 11 year old doesn’t find out about it.These are married people being required to strip and sleep naked with strangers of the opposite sex. On one show a 20 something single chick was spooning naked with a married guy who has kids. I’m not sure on what planet that is family entertainment. Finally after the second night the guy said “this just isn’t right” Gee ya think? I will be selling my stock in companies that sponsor this family show and I am hoping for a class action law suit at some point in time to make these bastards pay. Hey there is plenty of porn on the internet why do you need to show it to our kids. Simple, for the money.

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