Falcon Video Founder Documentary In The Works – Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story – Video


The upcoming documentary, Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story shines a spotlight on one of the most unlikely and overlooked gay heros of the past 40 years.

Chuck Holmes was the 1970’s gay porn version of Hugh Hefner, a charmer, an unrivaled businessman, and a man with a taste for the finest things in life.

Holmes founded the world famous Falcon studios and with the extraordinary amount of money that he made from it he wanted to give back to the gay community that made him rich, only to find that while his money was more than welcome,  he was not because of his profession.

Chuck gave millions to organizations like the HRC, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund in their early days, and to politicians like Barney Frank and Bill Clinton, and donated heavily to the AIDS Memorial Grove.  But despite all the money and donations Chuck never quite fit in. He always feared that his ‘dirty money’ as some called it would be returned.  And sometimes it was. But in most cases it was accepted, quietly and without proper recognition of its donor.

Michael Stabile the documentary’s writer and director is in the final stages of getting the documentary ready for a late 2013 release. The independent documentary has been funded by individuals through Kickstarter and other fundraising venues but they still have a bit further to go. If anyone is interested in in sending donations to help Mr. Stabile finish up what will be a fascinating documentary piece of LGBT history, he can be reached at michael@fauxjob.com

Perhaps the Human Rights Campaign should think about helping this project especially since if it wasn’t for Chuck Holmes’s backing  in its beginning HRC wouldn’t be around to be throwing the gala cocktail parties it does today.

WARNING: Although NOT X-Rated the following promo reel is NWSF.

3 thoughts on “Falcon Video Founder Documentary In The Works – Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story – Video

  1. The Gay Rights National Lobby and The Human Rights Campaign Foundation were founded in 1978 and 1980, respectively, and are what comprises HRC today.
    Chuck was a great guy, but had nothing to do with founding the Human Rights Campaign. He got involved with HRC in the 90’s. People shouldn’t give money to this project if it is inaccurate.

    1. Gay Rights National Lobby established the Human Rights Campaign Fund political action committee in 1980 to raise money for gay-supportive congressional candidates.

      In 1989, HRC reorganized from serving mainly as a political action committee (PAC) to broadening its function to encompass lobbying, research, education, and media outreach.

      Thats pretty 89 is pretty close IMO.

  2. How hypocrite some can be… despising were the money comes from but meanwhile accepting it and enjoying it…….

    But then.. who and what profited most from the mob-money? The political parties and the politicians……

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