Florida Children’s Museum Plays Victim, Demands Apology After Being Busted As Anti-Gay Bigots

hands on childrens museum

The Hands On Children’s Museum of Jacksonville, Florida is on the defensive after getting caught telling Karen Lee-Duffell and her family that they have to pay extra after noticing  “Mom and Mom” on their membership form renewal:  “She said ‘oh wait no, you’re going to have pay an extra ten dollars to add this  other mom, you can’t have two moms’ and she points up at the sign, a family  membership consists of one mom and one dad,” said Lee-Duffell.

Well now after an outcry from the public the children’s museum is now playing the victim saying it is being slandered with false accusations and is overwhelmed with the  amount of online and over the phone complaints and add that it couldn’t possible  discriminate against anyone because its policies are not discriminatory:

“The  Jacksonville “Hands On” Children’s Museum has never discriminated  against  anyone. But in fact the “Hands On” Children’s Museum , it’s  employees, the  board members, the donators and sponsors, the director,  the directors family  and her husbands church are being discriminated  against, attacked and  threatened. The director was yelled at and  screamed at and feels the Hands On  Children’s Museum deserves an apology for how the museum is being treated. This  is a children’s museum.

Yeah, yeah.

‘This is a children’s museum.’  In the most bigoted cities in the country run by bigots.

The Hands On Children’s Museum of Jacksonville, Florida phone number is 904-642-2688 if anyone is interested.

One thought on “Florida Children’s Museum Plays Victim, Demands Apology After Being Busted As Anti-Gay Bigots

  1. But butt….

    IF there was this sign that spoke of OneMaleOneFemale being a family-membership (or OneMomOneDad sign), then were is the NON-discrimination rule of the “Hands On” Children’s Museum?

    In MY opinion NON-discrimination includes all and everything, no discrimination of what ever kind or sort…… not of gender, not of sex, not of age, not of sexual orientation, not of skin-, hair-, eye- or whatever color……..

    Playing victim is OK… IF one is really and actually the or a victim!
    Claiming to be non-discriminatory and at the same time having a sign up that tells people that a family consists of One Male and One Female (or One Dad and One Mom) it is not non-discriminatory, then one indeed discriminates….. the OneDadOneDad/OneMomOneMom (aka ODOD/OMOM) principle…….

    And besides, if there is a Non-Discrimination policy, then it must be written down somewhere, so that both the public as well as the staff knows it…. and enabled to check and verify it…..
    Such a written policy of non-discrimination was not supplied when asked for…… not facsimile nor offered to sent, nor email, nor any other way or manner or way……(after a vocal request)……..

    Please someone rescue me from total and complete confusion on Monday…..

    Master Adrian

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