NOM’s Maggie Gallagher: It’s Not Anti-Gay To Be Pro-Straight

Maggie Gallagher bloated

Maggie Gallagher, the former front-woman (?) for the National Organization for Marriage, and constant anti-gay pain in the ass has written a short article for the National Review complaining that that moral approval for both gay people and single parents has increased in recent polling across America..

“In its latest survey of attitudes toward moral issues, Gallup reports dramatic swings in opinion on only two of 19 issues it asks about: the morality of gay sex and unwed childbearing. Around six in ten Americans now say both are morally acceptable (59 percent gay sex, 60 percent unwed childbearing). Both experienced large swings in the last decade (19 points for gay sex, 15 points for unwed childbearing).

Correlation is not causation. In fact “cause” is probably the wrong word here; it’s more like an underlying cultural logic causing both trends. A society in which Dan Savage is a mainstream advice columnist (which he is) and it’s considered scandalous for ESPN reporters and pediatric neurosurgeons to hold Christian views of sex would sort of look like this.

I personally still cherish the hope that we can as a society eliminate cruel homophobia without jettisoning heteronormativity — which is the need for social norms and institutions to be oriented strongly around the problem and the blessing that sex between men and women makes babies.

But so far, the disconnect between sex, marriage, and babies proceeds rapidly apace.”

As per usual, Maggie tries once again to foist her moral beliefs upon the rest of the nation, discarding the humanity while she’s using words like heteronormativity to mask what she really means which is  heterosupremacy.

In a nutshell what Gallagher is stating is nothing less than she and her ilk want to be able to act like a bigot without being burdened by feeling like or being perceived as the bigots they are.

Maggie so traditional and crazed.  One must really wonder if it was her own having a bastard child out of wedlock in college  because the father wanted nothing to with her is what caused her downward spiral into the business of traditional moral values hate machine.

Maggie Gallagher.  So traditional, honest,  pious, and so judgmental.

What a piece of shit work




2 thoughts on “NOM’s Maggie Gallagher: It’s Not Anti-Gay To Be Pro-Straight

  1. Although I agree with you Will (as usual) I almost feel like this is a statement signaling the beginning of the end for her. It has a bit of a defeatist ring to it. But the word heteronormativity is appallingly sick.

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