FRC’s Tony Perkins Pens Love Letters To Michele Bachman and Anti-Gay ExxonMobil

Tony Perkins FRC KKK

FRC hate group President Tony Perkins had a busy little black-hearted day yesterday reacting to the news that his beloved batshit crazy GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann was not going to run for re-election and also that ExxonMobil shareholders had for the 14th straight year voted down adding LGBT employee protections to its company’s bylaws. Perkins claimed victory over the rejection of the resolution, which she said indicates the company “is putting its stock in something other than political correctness

Michele Bachmann:

After an incredible run, Rep. Michele Bachmann  announced that  she’s retiring from Congress at the end of her term. For eight years,  she served more than the people of Minnesota–she served the families of America with her tireless stand for conservative values. A proud voice  for life and marriage, Michele never shied away from a fight–and our  movement is better for it. We wish her all the best as she closes out  her distinguished Hill career and starts out on her next journey. In the meantime, join me in thanking a dear friend and fearless leader for all she’s accomplished on behalf of faith, family, and freedom! We look  forward to working with Michele in the House and wherever God calls her  next.”


The four to one margin against the resolution is a strong indication that the homosexual community’s agenda is not resonating beyond the most liberal states.  Exxon is setting a good example for other businesses who think promoting extreme political views is the only away to avoid the strong arm tactics of far left special interests.

Well if you ever wanted to know what Hitler’s love notes to Ilse Koch aka Ilse She Devil of the Nazi’s and Krupp’s which used Nazi slave labor during WWII sounded like this probably about sums it up.





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