NOM Associated Manif Pour Tous Gay Haters Mail Bullets To French Openly Gay Mayor

French Mayor mailed bullets

In what seems to be an escalation of threats and assaults on LGBT men, women, and gay friendly politicians in France the openly gay mayor of the French town of Sigolsheim was mailed bullets this week in yet another death threat about same-sex marriage Earlier this month the head of the French Assembly was mailed gunpowder and two Socialist legislators were sent letters containing threats to murder them and their families which we can only believe came from members of the National Organization for Marriage’s associated French anti-gay hate group Manif Pour Tous.

“Speitel, who is gay himself, said he was “shocked” by the incident and described the act as “odious”. The threat comes after Speitel gave a recent interview to the local newspaper Derniers Nouvelles d’Alsace in which he talked about the probability he would marry his partner and the prospect of them adopting children. He also slammed the homophobic incidents that have taken place in France over recent months, that have been blamed on the poisonous atmosphere created by some of the more extreme opponents of gay marriage. Along with the bullets, Speitel, a practicing Catholic, was sent a copy of his newspaper interview, which contained scrawled handwritten homophobic insults.”

God’s kind and gentle “christians”, once again mailing bullets and gunpowder because someone doesn’t believe in the same warped bigoted outlook of religion that they do.

This is what happens when you’ve only got fear and not logic or reason behind you.


One thought on “NOM Associated Manif Pour Tous Gay Haters Mail Bullets To French Openly Gay Mayor

  1. I think it is time that the French Justice Department starts investigating the death threats against gay people, and equality supporters more vigorously then it has been doing…. if at all!

    France has been known for excluding a lot that originates from foreign places… language, food, drinks, etc. etc; and the French people are known for their pride about and on national topics…. the exclusive use of names for wines for instance, but were it comes to foreign influence by religious terrorist groups it seems that the French government is lacking courage to intervene when it concerns equality matters!

    And that must change! No one should be threatened by a bunch of religious terrorist, be them christian or muslim, be them national or foreign!

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