HBO Filming New Gay-Centric Pilot That Resembles Sex In The City


If you’ve been feeling like there’s a lack of comedies centered around the lives of gay men then you may be in luck. In what appears to be a blend of girl power and sex appeal of Girls and Sex In The City, HBO has developed and began filming a pilot in San Francisco depicting the lives of several gay thirty somethings navigating through their lives with laughter. Here’s more

It’s an idea so obvious that it’s shocking it hasn’t been done before–a gay version of “Sex and The City” set in, of course, San Francisco.

The comedic pilot was penned for HBO by Michael Lannan, who previously served as a producer on James Franco’s controversial documentary Interior. Leather Bar. and stars Jonathan Groff, best known for playing Jesse St. James in Glee.

According to Mission Local, the show tells the story of three gay friends–an artist, a restaurateur and a web game developer–navigating the perils and pitfalls of life and love in San Francisco’s trendy Mission District. reports:
Just like its Girls and Sex and the City predecessors, this untitled project features a group of friends as they try to find footing in a concrete jungle. But these boys are a bit older than their Girls counterparts, so here’s to hoping for less woe-is-me angst and more adult-driven trivialities.

As always I welcome fresh, new entertaining aspects of the LGBT community being showcased for the masses as we have been lacking in that area. I don’t even care if the show seems to glorify the stereotypes that are widely believed by society. The more visibility. even when there are vagrant portrayals of inaccurate stereotypes, the more we promote discussion. That is something I will always advocate.

But here’s the thing, if this is just another shallow superficial gabfest that does nothing to actually show the depth and complexity of the characters, or at the very least show us why they are these stereotypes they’re portraying then I’ll pass. I don’t care if the premise of the show is to be funny and lighthearted causing all kinds of hi-jinx as that is fine by me. But these characters cannot be all about sex and drinking, no matter how pro-sex I am, because in reality no one is that way all the time. Not even those that say they are actually are 24/7. And if these characters are saying and acting like they’re all about sex and partying, show me why that person acts that way. That’s how I know I would be able to root for them.

What do you think?

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