Lesbian Couple Could Bring Down Michigan’s Law Against Same Sex Marriage

Gay Marriage ban

Two Detroit-area nurses filed a lawsuit to try to overturn restrictions on adoption by same-sex partners. But at the judge’s invitation, the case took an extraordinary turn and now will test the legality of a 2004 constitutional amendment that stipulates Michigan only recognizes marriages between a man and a woman. U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman will hear arguments in the case Thursday at a Detroit law school. If he concludes the amendment violates the U.S. Constitution, gay-marriage supporters say same-sex couples would immediately be allowed to wed and adopt children. State officials, of course are predicting “potential legal chaos” if the judge throws out the gay marriage ban.

Friedman will hear arguments on the state’s request to dismiss the lawsuit. In a court filing, the Michigan attorney general’s office said there’s no “fundamental right to same-sex marriage.”

“Michigan’s marriage amendment bears a reasonable relation to legitimate state interests,” the state said. “Michigan supports natural procreation and recognizes that children benefit from being raised by parents of each sex who can then serve as role models of the sexes both individually and together in matrimony. Plaintiffs fail to allege facts showing there is no rational basis for these legitimate state interests.”

Why would a state care if people procreate? Couples don’t procreate to benefit the state. Even if the state cared about married couples with children, that isn’t an argument against marriage equality. How are the private decisions of the public any of the state’s business? Procreation is also not a requirement to getting married. So any theories about parenting and role models are irrelevant. Not to mention denying unwanted children loving homes.

Lets just hope that the judge sees it that way.


 Source: ABC News

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