MN Viking’s Straight LGBT Ally Chris Kluwe On Gay Haters: “I say fuck those people!”

Chris Kluwe OMGFamily Equality Council’s awards honoree Chris Kluwe  of the NFL’s Minnesota Viking  has become one of the LGBT Communities strongest and most outspoken straight allies thanks to his masterful use of language,  well-reasoned sentimentally and passion for equal rights,.

Chris gave a heartfelt and rousing speech at the award event that not only brought the house down but laid his concern and passion for others all out on the table.

“‘The fight for gay rights is about the children, it’s about having access to the same laws, the same benefits, the same protections so these children can have every advantage and a chance to succeed at life.  It’s about not having to worry about being bullied on your way to school or while you’re walking down the street. It’s about living in a stable home with parents who love each other and who just so happen to be the same sex.’

That’s why I wrote my letter, that’s why I spoke out, that’s why I’ll continue speaking out against every single hypocritical jackass’ because ‘those people aren’t thinking about the children at all, they’re thinking about themselves.’

So I say fuck those people! … I say live your own life however you want to live it, I say love who you want – it’s nobody’s business but your own. I say treat others the way you like being treated with compassion, dignity and respect – the way human beings are supposed to act”

Now THIS is what you call a LGBT equality advocate.

Kudos to Chris Kluwe and on behalf of the LGBT Community I would like to say  THANK YOU so very much for your great and powerful words and your selfless work on our behalf.



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