Star Wars Game To Introduce Gay Characters


If you’re an avid gaymer, then this little piece of news that you want to here. Following in the footsteps of-games like Skyrim and Dragon Age, Bioware’s DLC to Star Wars: The Old Republic titled The Rise of the Hutt Cartel will feature same gender romance (SGR) which is geek talk for gay characters. Unfortuntely for now these will be non playable characters but developers are still hopeful that with time this will change.

Jeff Hickman, executive producer to game development explains why the delay:

“I realize that we promised SGR (same gender romance) to you guys and that many of you believed that this would be with a companion character.

Unfortunately, this will take a lot more work than we realized at the time and it (like some other pieces of content we talked about earlier in the year) has been delayed as we focused on the changes required to take the game Free-to-Play.

As we have said in the past, allowing same gender romance is something we are very supportive of.”

So fellow gaymers, are you looking forward to this upcoming feature or do you want more?

What do you think?

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