National Organization for Marriage Pushes “Gays Are Worthy Of Death” Meme

Jeremy Hooper of Good As You and NOM Exposed has discovered that NOM  had posted a clip by NOM on their anti-gay marriage Rhode Island site where Liberty Counsel spokesdouche Matt Barber goes on a most evil and hateful rant that homosexuality is about “child indoctrination” is a “sin that is self-destructive” and “the wages of sins is death.”

Writes Jeremy about the clip:

I actually think I might be underselling the two videos. I’m not kidding you—it doesn’t get much worse than these two clips! They are not just anti–marriage equality—these are proudly anti-LGBT videos that denigrate us in every single way imaginable. These videos are from the most extreme fringe of this debate. They would make even some outspoken conservatives blush. The videos I just described to you are now forever to the National Organization For Marriage’s Rhode Island strategy. The organization is pushing them on its official website as a “preview of what the same-sex marriage movement is about” and telling supporters to share them widely.

After being discovered NOM quickly scrubbed and removed  the video from the site .

But not before screenshots could be taken of the page.



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