Looking For An All Gay Boutique? Here’s One


Do you feel like there should be a clothing store that features all-gay styles and clothing? Well a place in San Francisco feels they have the style and selection to meet the wardrobe needs of the modern gay. Here’s more from HuffPost:

Rejoice, Bay Area tomboys. The search for well-fitting menswear is over.

Tomboy Tailors, the first ever gender-queer clothing boutique, is opening in theCrocker Galleria on February 2. The store will offer a menswear collection for those who were born female.

The idea grew out of 47-year-old founder Zel Anders’ frustration with the limited availability of well-fitting menswear for women. A San Francisco resident of more than 30 years, Anders hopes to provide Bay Area customers with better choices.

“I am having so much fun just watching people ponder and choose from the several hundred fabrics that they have as options,” Anders told the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

In addition to an in-house line, Tomboy Tailors will sell clothing from other pangender lines along with a selection of men’s shoes in a smaller size range. The store is intended for “butch/boi lesbians, trans-masculine individuals and women of any identity who have a strong sense of self-expression,” according to theTomboy Tailors website.

Tomboy Tailors will kick off its opening with a party in the store.

Now the idea does seem innovative and fresh and while there is a possibility of religious right or other groups that deem the attire there wrong or whatever invalid opinion they have, these seem like the right fit for those looking for a new place to shop.

What do you think?

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