NOM’s Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown: SCOTUS Is Going To Take The Gays Down

Well now with BOTH Prop 8 and the Windsor DOMA case headed for Supreme Court review the National Organization for Marriage’s anti-gay leaders are making the rounds and crowing about what a victory its going to be for them.


“To strike down Prop 8 on ‘narrow grounds’ proposed by the 9th Circuit is so intellectually dishonest that if that is what the Court wished to do I think they would have refused to hear the case. I think Kennedy will overturn DOMA (perhaps joined by Roberts) and then uphold the right of states to refuse to accept gay marriage (i.e. uphold Prop 8). The victories this November for gay marriage at the polls make that outcome more likely. Justice Kennedy will likely see it as not at all unlikely voters will overturn Prop 8 soon and see that as a much better outcome than constitutionalizing gay marriage.”Maggie Gallagher, commenting on the blog of former gay marriage opponent David Blankenhorn.

Meanwhile Brian Brownshirt of NOM was trolling on FOX-News saying that he is looking forward to having the Supreme Court “correct some wrongs that happened” in the 9th Circuit Court by taking the Prop 8 case.

Luckily, Elizabeth Wydra, the chief counsel for the Constitutional Accountability Center, was there to teach Brownshirt how the Constitution actually works.

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