Heterosexual Awareness Month? Yeah It’s Real

If you also read the fantastic LGBT newsblog The New Civil Rights Movement then you’ve already heard of the Facebook group determined to spread…heterosexual awareness? The group’s mission is to stand up for repressed heterosexuals for “just having an opinion”. Here’s more of the new group’s goals:

“To stop heterophobia, protect marriage and promote heterosexual lifestyle, tradition and culture.” The group states “July is (official) Heterosexual awareness month.

The group also suggests that the term homophobia has deviated from its original meaning and being targeted towards heterosexuals:

Homophobia n. 1 An extreme derogatory word used to describe a personal point of view. 2. Disparaging or belittling description of a traditional lifestyle advocate.

Such words must only be used when editorially justified. It is your job as a heterosexual to educate the public on how derogatory it is to call someone the ‘h’ word.

One of it’s members who claims to be a website administrator added that they also aim to educate how immoral homosexuality is:

The most common question or accusation we receive is about ‘hate’, I would like to say we are not about hate in any way. We tackle a serious subject, and take our message just as serious, but unlike some other similar pages, we do display a lighter and more entertaining side.”

“We believe in an equal voice and respect for those who defend real marriage. We also believe that the negative treatment and unwarranted abuse of those who simply disagree with gay marriage is out of control. Disagreement on a controversial issue is not hate.”

“We also believe that teaching children that homosexuality is normal is inappropriate. Militant (and we stress militant) homosexuals, due to political correctness, have become too powerful,” 

They have every right to believe whatever they want to believe. And I am also entitled to voice that this has to be the most ignorant, uneducated, pretentious, and flat out the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long while. What America did you wake up to? If it’s the one where a straight Caucasian male has had every right and privilege afforded to him since birth while not having any of your freedoms threatened, then you’re delusional if you think LGBT is trying to take anything from anyone.

Because otherwise, every other demographic of race, gender, and sexuality have had to fight for the same rights and are still stigmatized to this day. This is the same inane privilege when people discuss having a “Caucasian Awareness Month” in conjunction to  Black History Month. Your history can be found in libraries and books while the rest of us, who are descendants of slaves and Native Americans, the true owners of this country, have had our histories almost completely wiped out.

1 thought on “Heterosexual Awareness Month? Yeah It’s Real

  1. Thank you for this post. I completely agree that the facebook page and “Heterosexual awareness month” are COMPLETELY unnecessary and ridiculous.

    Honestly, I believe the real reason behind the creation of the page is to put down non-hetero people, which is what they have been doing all this time. Making an entire month “heterosexual awareness month” would just bring forth more hate, violence and discrimination against non-hetero people and we can not let this happen..

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