Tea Party Nation Tells GOP Not To Attend Electoral College So Romney Can Still Win Presidency

Former Shelby County, Tennessee assistant district attorney and Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips is ranting that the GOP should obstruct and boycott the Electoral College Conference so that Mitt Romney can still win the Presidency.

“Mitt Romney carried 24 states. We need to have conservative activists from all over the nation contact the electors, the Republican Party and the secretary of state in all of these states and tell them not to participate in the Electoral College when it meets on Dec. 17.  If we can get 17 of those states (just over one-third) to refuse to participate, the Electoral College will have no quorum. Then, as the Constitution directs, the election goes to the House of Representatives. That is how we can still pull this election out and make Mitt Romney president in January. We need this concept shared with every tea party, liberty and patriotic group throughout the country. We have time to act, but we must pressure Republicans to do the right thing. It does not matter who gets credit for this. The credit is not important. Using our last chance to defeat Barack Obama is important.” – Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips, via World Wingnut Net Daily.

Phillips made controversial comments after the attempted assassination of Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), and the murders of a federal district judge and others, during a shooting spree on January 8, 2011. He described the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, as “a leftist lunatic, and instructed members of Tea Party Nation to blame liberals for the attempted assassination to defend the tea party movement’s recent electoral gains.

The Tea Party Nation has also pushed anti-gay attacks in the past from supporting anti-LGBT bullying and saying that “the queering of America” is “one more factor in the destruction of America.” to defending Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s clinic’s use of ‘ex-gay’ reparative therapy

Tea Party Nation is also listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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