More Proof That Tony Perkins Is A Piece Of Shit – Praises Uganda’s “Kill The Gays Bill”

More proof that Tony Perkins, the Family Research Council and their evil allies want us dead.

The constant hate, the constant attacks against our community, the promotions of faulty studies and fabricated lies, and now what we’re seeing in Uganda. These people want us to die pure and simple.

Perkins and his ilk are disgusting human beings and  evil personified and their group needs to be destroyed and ALL associated with it held accountable. Especially the Republican Party.

Next time you see Tony Perkins on CNN or MSNBC show them this post and ask them how they can justify and allow someone like Perkins who praises the intentions to execute gay and lesbians to be on their network in any other capacity other than being grilled, exposed and ridiculed for being such a disgusting human being.

What do you think?

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