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NYC Mayor Bloomberg Endorses President Obama For 2nd Term Because Of Climate Change/Marriage Equality

In a stunning turn of events, several days after Hurricane Sandy devastated the eastern seaboard estimated to cost billions,  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a very respected registered Independent has endorsed President Obama for a second term. Mayor Bloomberg stated that President Obama has sought out reform in education and climate control polices.

Though Mayor Bloomberg does not agree with some of President Obama’s ideals/practices, or policies he does note the wishwashy behavior of Governor Romney’s campaign:

 In the past he has also taken sensible positions on immigration, illegal guns, abortion rights and health care. But he has reversed course on all of them, and is even running against the health-care model he signed into law in Massachusetts.

Also, Mayor Bloomberg notes that when comparing President Obama to republican presidential nominee  Romney, President Obama is progressive since he does support women’s rights, marriage equality, as well as recognize the urgent need for climate change reformation:

One believes a woman’s right to choose should be protected for future generations; one does not. That difference, given the likelihood of Supreme Court vacancies, weighs heavily on my decision.

One recognizes marriage equality as consistent with America’s march of freedom; one does not. I want our president to be on the right side of history.

One sees climate change as an urgent problem that threatens our planet; one does not. I want our president to place scientific evidence and risk management above electoral politics.

In closing, Mayor Bloomberg suggests that presidents of history’s past were able to implement these important changes despite having an opposing congress by bipartisanship and states that is why he is voting for President Obama:

Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan both found success while their parties were out of power in Congress — and President Obama can, too. If he listens to people on both sides of the aisle, and builds the trust of moderates, he can fulfill the hope he inspired four years ago and lead our country toward a better future for my children and yours. And that’s why I will be voting for him.

An honest and objective reasoning applied to this statement. Well dome Mayor Bloomberg.


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