Lesbian GOP Lawyer Who Wrote DOMA “Feels No Guilt” While Now Lobbying for Freedom To Marry

The New York Times this weekend reported on Kathryn Lehman, a recently out Republican lawyer who back in 1996 when she deep in the closet played a MAJOR role in the creation of Defense Of Marriage Act.

Today, Ms. Lehman, 53, no longer has a husband, and no longer identifies as straight. And she is a lobbyist for Freedom to Marry, which is devoted to overturning the very law she helped write, the Defense of Marriage Act. But Ms. Lehman is still a fervent Republican. “I’m trying to break the stereotype that all gays and lesbians, especially lesbians, are Democrats,” she said. [snip] Ms. Lehman said she felt no guilt over her role in the law banning federal recognition of same-sex marriage. Her motivation, she said, is her gratitude for those who fought for gay rights decades before she knew the cause was her own. If it were not for them, “I would not be living the wonderful life that I am right now with Julie,” Ms. Lehman said, referring to her partner, Julie Conway, a Republican fund-raiser, with whom she lives in Alexandria, Va.

Oh look, the female version of Ken Mehlman.

So here we have a lesbian closet case who was in the GOP and willing helped write one of the most unconstitutional pieces of law in the history of the United States that harmed millions of gays and lesbians in this country and made her a lot of money and got her the contacts and professional standing in the GOP.  And now that she’s “out” and most probably for no other reason than the fact that she can’t get married is now advocating for gay marriage and  probably being paid by Freedom to Marry as a lobbyist to do so?

Once again, a Republican whose personal motto is “Screw you all, I got mine”

Lerhman states that her motivation NOW is gratitude for all the people who fought for gay rights back when she was working for the people trying to ruin their lives and she fells no guilt about what she did and expresses no remorse.

Well Ms Lehman, if you feel no guilt or remorse for what you did you must be a sociopath, and a masochist to boot if you identify politically with a party within which a majority of its members consistently think of you as abominable trash, unworthy of the civil rights they themselves enjoy.

You say that you are “trying to break the stereotype that all gays and lesbians, especially lesbians, are Democrats,”

How about trying breaking the stereotype that all gay Republicans are self hating douchbags.

And as for Freedom to Marry allowing Lerhman to lobby for your integrity or lack their of is well and duly noted.

Gay Inc. at its WORST!


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