Gay Traitor Ken Mehlman Launches Non-Profit to Attract GOP to Fight for Marriage Equality

Loathsome former closet-case and  RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman who at one time was  George W Bush’s campaign manager and directly helped 21 states pass laws that banned same-sex marriage,  it unconstitutional and ruined hundred of thousands of LGBT lives ” has launched Project Right Side, a non-profit aimed at attracting conservatives to the fight for marriage equality.

Writes Mehlman in a WSJ op-ed announcing the project:

Some misperceive the issue of marriage equality as exclusively progressive. Yet what could be more conservative than support for more freedom and less government? And what freedom is more basic than the right to marry the person you love? Smaller, less intrusive government surely includes an individual deciding whom to marry. Allowing civil marriage for same-sex couples will cultivate community stability, encourage fidelity and commitment, and foster family values.

Mehlman argues that same-sex marriage is an idea conservatives should embrace:

Conservatives don’t need to change core convictions to embrace the growing support for equal rights for gay Americans. It is sufficient to recognize the inherent conservatism in citizens’ desire to marry, to be judged on their work, and not to be singled out for higher taxes or bullying at school. These objectives can be achieved while also protecting religious liberty, as demonstrated by states enacting civil marriage with exemptions for religious institutions.

To help Republicans appreciate this changing environment, I helped establish Project Right Side, which commissioned leading GOP polling firm Target Point to survey 16,000 voters over the past year, over-sampling Republican and swing voters in battleground states, including 2,000 such voters on Election Night.

Well isn;t that special?

The man who was responsible for demonizing gays during the Bush years so the GOP could keep political power while standing in his Wayerford cryatal closet and making MILLIONS of dollars off the GOP has stated a non-profit to help the GOP see the light of gay.

Not only is this a little too little a little too late and comes nowhere near making up for the damage that Mehlman did to the LGBT community during his reign of terror.  It’s also nothing more than utter PR bullshit for Mehlman who is still donating heavily to anti-gay GOP candidates and who recently  co-chaired a re-election fundraiser for John Boehner the man who has vowed to stop the overturning of DOMA and who  tripled the legal budget of Congress  to defend the unconstitutional law after President Obama and the DOJ said they would no longer continue to.

Mehlman is a disgusting opportunist and now that he is “out” and trying to live as an openly gay man his past is haunting him.  Many in out community loath him and rightfully so and he knows that.  If he were doing this from his heart I might agree that “better late than never” and “forget the past” but he’s supporting marriage equality now for the EXACT same reasons that he used it against us and Democrats in 2004 and years thereafter; because he believes that being FOR marriage equality is NOW A POLITICAL AND PERSONAL  WINNER FOR HIM AND HIM ALONE.

Mehlman bullied us and kicked sand in our faces, hurt our families and used us to serve your own ends when it suited him and now he is doing nothing but the same.

And don’t  be surprised if the Human Rights Campaign and Gay Inc. applaud Ken Hehlman for this,   Mehlman has money, and if it’s the one thing that the HRC loves it money and they will have no problem taking  it from Mehlman and defending him even though Ken Mehlman’s legacy is no better than Roy Cohn’s.

Integrity in the Gay Inc. is non-existent.

As for Mehlman you are a disgrace.  And while you may fool some.  You do not fool me and others.

You deserve your legacy of being the most hated gay man in America.

You are a digrace to our commnity and humanity.


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