FRC’s Latest Money Beg: We Are The “Last Line of Defense” To Stop Obama Helping The Homos!

By press release yesterday Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council issued once again yet another money beg for donations by listing several homo horrors that President Obama will unleash over the next four years unless his bigoted rube followers empty their Christmas Club accounts and send him all their money to him.

This President pushed for repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” to let openly practicing homosexuals serve in our military. We should not be surprised by and possibly even expect the same mentality to push religious freedom out of the workplace through the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). If the President can get it enacted, it would force people to check their moral convictions at the door of their workplace–even if they own the business!

This President has abandoned the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)–and his constitutional oath to enforce the law of the land–coming out strongly in support of same-sex “marriage.” We could see the Supreme Court strike down DOMA, with the President then strong-arming the states to recognize same-sex “marriage” by choking off federal funding unless they comply.

This President will continue to promote the radical homosexual agenda–and more forcefully. He will look for ways to fund it using taxpayer dollars. We saw him support “It Gets Better,” a campaign celebrating teen homosexuality. In the same way that his Justice Department forced a Minnesota school district to abandon their neutral homosexuality policy in favor of a pro-homosexuality policy, the President could use the Department of Education’s “anti-bullying” policies to force local schools to promote homosexuality.


Gay men and women laying down their lives to protect America!

Expecting not to be discriminated against in the workplace and housing market in a country where “All men are created equal” and everyone else is protected against discrimination even radical religious like extremist like Tony Perkins under the law.

The NERVE of gays and lesbians to stand up fight against innocent children being bullied and put upon because of hate and pushed to suicide.

And the TRUE Homosexual Agenda!




Matching throw-pillows, window treatments, and carpeting in every home in America and Full Equality by the end of 2013.

Insidious, ain’t it?

Taliban Tony and the FRC  – Whine, fearmonger, beg and repeat.



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