“Ex-Gay” Christian Youth Leader Suspected In “Religious Sex Cult” Murder Of Wife

Tyler Deaton, a self-professed “ex-gay” and the leader of a Kansas City, MO  “ex-gay” youth  prayer group which is  part of the International House of Prayer “charismatic movement” headed by the virulently anti-gay Pastor Lou Engle is suspected of ordering one of his groups members to murder his wife, and make to look like a suicide.

Three days later, investigators say, 23-year-old Micah Moore would go to police and uncork the terrible secrets that allegedly occurred over several months at a Grandview home where Deaton and other members of his religious group lived. Witnesses told of a clan of young adults making sex part of their religious experience, of men in the group sexually assaulting Bethany over months, and of Deaton’s role as their “spiritual leader.” But Moore’s darkest admission, according to court records, was that Deaton feared Bethany was about to reveal the group’s secrets. Moore confessed that he had murdered Bethany and tried to make it look like suicide, and, according to court documents, he said Deaton told him to do it. Moore alone has been charged, with first-degree murder. Deaton and others in the group are under investigation, prosecutors said.

Other member’s of Deaton’s perverted “ex-gay” group say that Deaton was also having frequent sex with some of its male members.

Bethany was sexually assaulted over a period of months while drugged with someone else’s prescription anti-psychotic, witnesses in the house told authorities. This was happening, the witnesses alleged, in a period of time that male members in the house were involved in sexual relationships with Deaton, one saying it was part of a “religious experience.” The statements unfolded with Moore allegedly saying that people in the group feared Bethany was about to tell her therapist about the assaults, and that he killed her with the plastic bag over her head at Longview Lake. He did it, his statement to detectives said, because Deaton told him he knew Moore “had it in him to do it.”

Just downright sick and evil and once again proving loud and clear and that the present danger is from the homophobes, not the LGBT community. I don’t believe in the death penalty, but I’m angry enough at this guy to hang him by an extension cord.

God save us all from the over zealous religious extremist.

You can read the full report from the Kansas City Star.

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  1. This is how extreme the mind fucking that these “ex-gay” sociopaths can be. There needs to be a federal law, similar to the one here in California, that prevents this type of a group. Perhaps this woman’s death will wake people up and see how these groups foster mental illness and destroy lives.

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